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Key Features

PCard Auditor:

  • You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your organization’s specific audit rules and parameters are being used to perform each audit.
  • The audit rules can be modified to keep them current using a secure password and log in.
  • The client is able to use different sets of rules and/or parameters to meet their needs if different parts of their organization require it.
  • A 100% audit of all purchase card transactions means that every use of your purchase card will be automatically examined using your specific rules and parameters.
  • The client is able to “drill down” beyond the organizational summary information to obtain specific cardholder information.
  • Cardholders will know that each audit will be conducted objectively and consistently.
  • The audit will use a defined set of protocols to be put in place for each type of audit violation. These will trigger corrective action on the part of the violator.
  • There is a set of reports that are available to use for each audit.
  • Customized reports are available upon request.

PCard Analyzer:

  • It contains an easy to use dashboard screen with color-coded review status information.
  • The dashboard shows audit violations for each cycle based on the client’s organizational structure. (Cost center hierarchy.)
  • Responses to violations are facilitated due to set protocols and email formats.
  • The status of corrective action for each violation is visible and tracked.
  • There is a set of reports that are available to use for each audit and the corresponding violations.
  • Customized reports are available upon request.

PCard Optimization Service:

  • Clients may ask RINA Systems, LLC to assist them in analyzing their rule and parameter sets in order to determine the “optimal” set that generates their desired results. This is done using their data.
  • “Back testing” can be done to determine what historical audits would have looked like had they used the “optimal” rule and parameter sets.
  • RINA performs this service at a nominal charge.