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PCard Office

Efficient purchase card programs require cardholder responsibility, internal controls, and audit. Many organizations face challenges with effectively administering their purchase card programs, especially when it comes to adhering to audit and compliance requirements and taking corrective action. Automating this process allows program administrators to easily identify fraud and misuse, uncover program weaknesses and correct deficiencies. RINA Systems offers products and services with robust capabilities that provide peace of mind that your program’s audit is automatically, accurately and objectively completed on time, every time.

Our PCard Office software offers PCard Auditor with the ability to automatically conduct up to 100% audit of all card transactions using the client’s specific audit rules and parameters. It also provides reports that show the results of each audit and tracks expenses in the organization.

PCard Office also offers PCard Analyzer provides enhanced capabilities, used in conjunction with PCard Auditor, to assist you in answering questions posed by auditors, show the corrective action planned for each violation, track the progress of the corrective action and generate and circulate reports to the appropriate people in the organization.