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PCard Analyzer

PCard Analyzer is designed to meet the needs of customers who want to be able to answer why violations have occurred and what has to be done to correct them. This application uses a built-in objective protocol to help program managers and users consistently explain violations. The enhanced capabilities of PCard Analyzer also provide an ‘Actions Table’ that is used to reflect the specific actions an organization prescribes for each type of violation, the date it will be completed, who is responsible and when it is completed. This analysis is also included in reports for management which will uncover program weaknesses, enhance visibility and determine the required corrective action, the person responsible and when it is completed.

Using PCard Analyzer reduces the number of repeat violations, saving time researching, explaining and correcting them; reinforces how to use the card to align spending with organizational policies and procedures; and reduces cost by channeling the use of the card with “preferred” vendors.

Key Features of PCard Analyzer:

  • Includes an easy to use dashboard with color-coded review status to show audit violations for each cycle.
  • Defined protocols are integrated in the software to respond to each violation.
  • Flexible email interface to facilitate user communication and follow up to forward unanswered questions to the appropriate person for completion and return.
  • Automated report generation, showing violations, status and person responsible.