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PCard Auditor

PCard Auditor is a secure, hosted, web-based software application that allows user access 24/7 in order to view audit results, generate and distribute reports. PCard Auditor can be used with any card program. Audit rules and parameters are established by the authorized user during the initial set-up and are executed during each audit cycle to conduct the audit. Transaction and user organization files are set up to feed into PCard Auditor each cycle. Your audit will be automatically scheduled, completed and will be ready for review by the authorized user. Data parameters can range from 100% of transactions or any amount your organization desires.

Authorized users are able to sign on using an unique login and view the portion of the audit they are cleared to see. They can examine the results, generate reports and distribute them to the appropriate parties. PCard Auditor also has an administrative capability which allows designated users to change the rules and parameters that are being used in the audit, as well as to manage user access and credentials.

Key Features of PCard Auditor:

  • Automated capability to conduct 100% audit of all transactions.
  • Easy to use and configurable to YOUR requirements, business rules and parameters.
  • Identifies exceptions and provides steps to achieve compliance.