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Optimization Solution

In addition to RINA Systems’ PCard Office software solutions, we also provide an optimization service that uses the results of the pcard program audits to model different rule and parameter combinations which optimize the results of the audit. This capability is intended for users who want to continuously improve their audit process and/or keep it current with changing needs of their organization.

RINA Systems optimization service and PCard Analyzer operate in conjunction with the use of the PCard Auditor product and can be added at any time.

Optimization Service

RINA Systems’ optimization service is designed to help customers ensure that their audit rules and parameters are providing “optimal” results. We build models and test them without interfering with the actual audit process or transaction database. This service uses current data to perform test audits applying different rules and/or parameters in order to compare results, improve internal controls and adopt best practices within an organization each time an audit is conducted.

RINA Systems works in conjunction with the user to implement the PCard Office modeling function. We collaborate with you to establish the right model for your purchase card program, conduct an audit using the model and review the results. Users will receive comparative results showing the actual audit versus the audit using the model. This will help focus on program improvements and accommodate refined rules to optimize the success and ease of administration.